The Three Best Golfing in Hawaii

Hawaii is a paradise for golfers, with glorious landscapes and plenty of challenging holes. Here are the top three best golfing destinations in Hawaii:

What makes Hawaii the best golfing destination?

Best Golfing in Hawaii
Best Golfing in Hawaii

Hawaii is known for its natural beauty, but the climate makes the island paradise perfect for golfers. The weather is warm all year round, with hardly any rain or humidity. 

Hawaii has 20 courses that range in difficulty, making it an excellent destination for golfers of all levels. World-renowned architects designed many systems and offered stunning ocean views or lush valleys. 

Several par-3 courses make it easy to get your golf fix without traveling too far. And if you’re looking for a little more excitement, some of the resorts also have their challenging golf courses

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned golfer, Hawaii has something for everyone.

The Three Best Golfing in Hawaii

Best Golfing in Hawaii
Best Golfing in Hawaii

1) Waimea Canyon Golf Course

This 18-hole course offers stunning panoramic views of the Waimea Valley and Kaua’i.

2) Kealakekua Bay Golf Course 

With five sets of tees and various layouts, this championship course is perfect for everyone from beginner to pro.

3) Kaanapali Beach Golf Club 

This 18-hole championship course captures the beauty and tranquility of Kaanapali Beach.

How does Hawaii’s weather affect golfing?

Best Golfing in Hawaii
Best Golfing in Hawaii

Hawaii’s weather can significantly affect golfing, both on the professional and amateur levels. For professional golfers, the extremes in temperature can make for challenging conditions. 

On the other hand, amateur golfers may be discouraged from playing if the weather is too hot or cold. In between these two extremes are a variety of temperatures that can create challenging playing conditions. 

For example, Hawaii has a range of temperatures from 68 degrees Fahrenheit to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. This means there is a temperature for every type of golfer, from those who like warm weather to those who prefer colder climates. 

Additionally, because Hawaii is a volcanic island chain, it often experiences earthquakes and other natural disasters, which can complicate play. 

Overall, Hawaii’s weather affects golfing in many ways.

What are the best places to stay and eat while in Hawaii?

Best Golfing in Hawaii
Best Golfing in Hawaii

There are many great places to stay and eat while in Hawaii. Here are a few of our favorites: 

The Royal Hawaiian Hotel is one of Honolulu’s most iconic hotels and offers beautiful views of Waikiki Beach. The hotel has various rooms, suites, and several restaurants, bars, and lounges. 

The Kahala Resort & Spa is located on Waikiki Beach, just steps from the ocean. This luxury resort features many on-site restaurants and bars, an outdoor pool, tennis courts, and a spa. 

If you’re looking for something quieter, consider staying at the Kona Inn on Kulani Road in Koloa Town. This charming bed and breakfast is just minutes from some great beaches and hikes.

What is the latest information on PGA Tour events in Hawai’i?

Best Golfing in Hawaii
Best Golfing in Hawaii

Since the PGA Tour returned to Hawai’i in 2014, there have been seven events. The most recent was the Sony Open in February. 

All of these events have been played at Kapalua Golf Club. There has yet to be an announced event for this year, but it is expected that there will be another tournament in 2019. 

The main reason is that Kapalua Golf Club is currently closed for renovations until 2020. This means the field size will be smaller, with only 156 players instead of the regular 202 players. 

However, the number of rounds played each week (7) remains the same, so all players will still receive an equal share of prize money and FedEx Cup points. 

There currently need to be planning to bring golf back to Waialae Country Club, which was home to 5 PGA Tour events between 1994-2012.