Callaway MAVRIK Driver Review

In January 2020, Callaway released their new driver series, MAVRIK.

This is the second driver series they’ve released using AI, and they designed the new Flash Face SS20 to increase ball speed across the entire clubface, not just off-center hits.

With this new tech in mind, let’s see how the MAVRIK stacks up to last year’s Epic Flash…

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Learning From the Epic Flash

Last year, Callaway and the Epic Flash were at the forefront of the non-conforming driver discussion. This led them to design the new Flash Face with FS2S titanium, which is more resistant to strength fatigue than the 6-4 Ti the Epic Flash was made of. This means the face of the MAVRIK won’t weaken with repeated hits.

This new titanium is used in areospace applications and allows the driver to maximize ball speed from heel to toe while combating characteristic time (the measure of how long a golf ball stays on the driver face. If it stays on too long, the driver is non-conforming by USGA and R&A rules.)

The MAVRIK Family

The MAVRIK is available in three different style heads for different golfers:

The Standard: for golfers of all skill levels looking for more speed and more spin.

Sub Zero: low spin and high MOI, this head features two movable weights that allow the golfer to adjust their trajectory.

Max: the highest MOI driver of the family. It’s perfect for a higher handicap player that may not find the middle of the face on every shot. The Max allows them to still get high ball speed and longer drives.

Callaway MAVRIK Performance Review

Time to hit a few balls and see what the MAVRIK is all about! For reference, I tested the Mavrik Sub Zero head with a Fujikura Ventus shaft.

Shape: Callaway describes the shape of the MAVRIK as “cyclone aero.” One look and you can tell it was made to reduce drag.

Sound: The sound from the driver differed from previous Callaway drivers, which sounded somewhat hollow. The sound from the MAVRIK was more solid, satisfying, and a little deeper.

Feel: The feel is pure compression. The ball seems to jump off the face no matter where you hit it. Even on off-center hits, the club doesn’t want to twist, and the ball seems to come off fast with a solid feel.

The Verdict on the Callaway MAVRIK Driver

Worth it.

To me, the biggest difference between the Epic Flash and the MAVRIK Sub Zero are the sound, feel, and dispersion. I felt like I hit it straighter, even off of a bad swing. I felt a slight increase in ball speed. After two days, I was completely used to it. Go try it at your local pro shop. You won’t be disappointed.