Can you wear biker shorts to golf

Can you wear biker shorts to golf? You can rock some hot biker shorts if you want to look like a biker dude on the green. But be aware that not all golf courses are tolerant of this attire. Make sure to ask if it’s okay before hitting the green.

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What are biker shorts?

Biker shorts are clothing typically worn by men and women on motorcycles. Made from denim, biker shorts can be tailored to fit most body types. They offer increased comfort and protection from the elements and look fantastic and macho.

History of biker shorts

Biker shorts are a recent invention that has changed the way people dress. They became popular in the late 1950s and early 1960s when bikers started wearing them to show their support for motorcycles. 

The first biker shorts were made of cotton twill fabric and had a band around the waist. Over time, the shorts became more comfortable and stylish, and now they are available in many different colors and styles.

Can you wear biker shorts to golf?

Many golfers feel that they need to dress up for their round of golf, and biker shorts are not typically seen as a formal outfit. However, there are a few places where biker shorts can be worn on the golf course

First, biker shorts can be worn during tee times if the golfer plays in a casual atmosphere. 

Second, they can be worn on the green during play if the golfer is wearing proper golf attire. 

Finally, if the golfer is playing in a pro-am or in an event where more formal attire is expected, then biker shorts may not be appropriate.


In conclusion, while biker shorts may not be the best option for golf, they are certainly not inappropriate. As long as you don’t go out of your way to show too much skin, they can be worn easily. So go ahead, pull on a pair of biker shorts, and have some fun while playing!

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