What is the correct grip on golf club?

What is the correct grip on golf club? Golfers grip the club in various ways, but there is one right way to hold the club that will produce the most accurate shots. The traditional grip on an adult golf club is with the left hand resting on top of the club shaft, with the right hand gripping the club’s end near the head.

Types of grips

Golfers use different grips to control the spin and trajectory of their shots. There are two basic types of grips: open-handed and closed-handed. 

Open-handed grips involve holding the club with both hands open, while closed-handed grips involve holding the club with one hand closed around the grip and the other hand open. 

Golfers can also use various middle fingers to grip the club, depending on their preferences. 


Golfers who want to increase their clubhead speed and Accuracy should consider getting full grips. Full grips provide more surface area for the hand and fingers to grip the club, giving you a more stable platform for your swing. This will help stabilize your hands and make it easier to hit the ball straight.


Golfers often use a half grip to help them control their clubs. This is done by gripping the club’s handle in the middle, with only the thumb and first two fingers on the club head. 

This allows for more control over the club and more finesse when striking the ball. Half grips are also popular for golfers with smaller hands or those who find it difficult to hold a full grip.


Neutral grips give the golfer more control over the golf club and help them hit the ball straighter. Various neutral grip options are available to golfers, so it’s essential to find one that works best for them.


The mixed grip differs from the normal (or “grip-and-grip”) grip. Instead of holding the club with your hands shoulder-width apart, you put your thumbs inside the top part of the club handle. This makes it easier to hit the ball squarely and helps you control it better.

The correct grip for you

There are many grips that you can use when hitting a golf ball. The most popular grip is the traditional golf grip, with your hands at shoulder-width apart and your fingers pointing straight ahead. 

However, other grips can be more effective for specific players. 

If you have large hands, you may prefer a reverse grip. This grip has your thumbs wrapped around the back of the club handle and your fingers pointing toward your body. 

This grip gives you more power to hit the ball high and far. You may want to try a drawing grip if you are a short player. This grip pulls your fingers toward the clubhead, giving you more control over how hard you hit the ball. 

Finally, if you are new to golf, or if you find traditional golf grips challenging to hold for long periods, try an umbrella Grip.

Final Words 

In conclusion, the correct grip on a golf club is determined by the individual’s hand position and facial alignment. The hands should be positioned just behind the ball, with the fingers pointing toward the target. The face should be in line with the ball, with a neutral expression.