Do golf pants keep you cool

Do golf pants keep you cool? Golf pants are a popular choice for people who love the game of golf. They are often worn to keep the player cool in hot weather. However, some people are concerned that golf pants might not support the player’s cool.

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What are golf pants, and what does research show about their cooling properties?

Golf pants are a type of clothing worn by golfers. They are typically made from a lightweight, breathable fabric and have a tighter fit around the calf and ankle than other pants. Research has shown that golf pants can provide significant cooling relief during hot weather.

What do golf pants do to keep you cool on a hot day?

Golf pants are not just for keeping you upright on the green- they can also keep you cool on a hot day. Golf pants have unique panels that help airflow flow freely and allow your body to dissipate heat more effectively. Additionally, golf pants come with pockets to store your drinks and sunscreen, so you’re always prepared for the next round of play.

Side Effects of Golf Pants

Golf pants are a popular item to wear on the golf course. However, like any piece of clothing, wearing them has potential side effects. 

Here are seven side effects of golf pants that you should be aware of: 

  1. They can cause chafing. 
  2. They can cause heat rash. 
  3. They can cause uncomfortable pressure points on your lower legs and feet.
  4. They can leave you feeling wet and sweaty after playing in them for a while. 
  5. They can make it difficult to move your hips freely while swinging the club.
  6. They can decrease your range of motion when it comes to your arms and shoulders because they bind up your muscles and tendons. 
  7. They can increase the risk of getting DVT (deep vein thrombosis).


In conclusion, golf pants do not always keep a golfer cool, but they can be beneficial in other ways. Golf pants can protect from the sun, rain, and wind. Additionally, golf pants can improve a golfer’s stance and help to prevent leg cramps.

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