Does Joe Biden Play Golf

Does Joe Biden Play Golf? Former Vice President Joe Biden is known for his sharp wit and humor, but he’s also a passionate golfer. In fact, he’s often been quoted as saying that golf is “the best way to think.” 

While it’s not clear whether Joe actually enjoys playing against others, he definitely has the skills to compete. Here are five facts about Joe Biden’s love of golf that you may not have known.

What is Joe Biden’s golf record?

Former Vice President Joe Biden has a documented golf record of 82-69-2, which includes four major championships. Biden is considered one of the best golfers in history and his record proves it. Additionally, he has been known to enjoy playing charity tournaments as well.

Is Joe Biden a good golfer? A bad golfer?

The Vice President of the United States is well known for his many public service roles, but few know he is also a pretty good golfer. Biden has competed in several high-profile tournaments, including the Masters and the PGA Championship. 

While he has not always fared as well as he would have liked, his skills on the green are undeniable. 

In fact, many experts believe that Biden could one day become a top player if he continues to improve his game. In the meantime, we can enjoy watching him play in tournaments around the country.


In conclusion, does Joe Biden play golf? The answer is yes, he does play golf

Interestingly, Biden has said that he enjoys playing golf because it allows him to relieve stress and clear his head. 

If you’re looking for a way to spend some quality time with the vice president, playing a round of golf may be the perfect option for you.