best golf clubs for intermediate players

It’s not always easy to choose the right golf clubs for you, particularly with so many options to choose from.

As a beginner golfer, you’ll need to focus on clubs with improved performance features. We’ll review some of the best golf clubs for high handicappers and some of the best golf club sets as well.

The more experienced player and scratch golfers really desire clubs with superior feel and workability. We will not be focusing on those here.

As an intermediate player, you may feel like you’re doing pretty well. Then in the very next moment, you feel like your shots are not so great.

The best golf clubs for intermediate players offer an excellent combination of forgiveness, feel, and playability.

Let’s now take a look at the top golf clubs for intermediate players.

best golf clubs for intermediate players

Here are our top picks, in order starting with drivers, for best golf golf clubs for intermediate players


  • Very forgiving
  • Extremely accurate
  • Great feel


  • Did not include key for adjusting club

SIM2 carries over the Asymmetric Inertia generator and Speed Injected Twist Face from last year’s SIM drivers. However, the head now uses a Forged Ring made of aluminum. This saves nine grams.

This means that there’s a weight that can be moved on the sole to adjust the shot shape. We are confident that this will give extra forgiveness.

SIM2 is the lowest-launching and fastest-spinning driver of the drivers we’re recommending. The SIM2 is designed for faster-swinging players because they have a tendency to create more spin through impact anyway. This should enable players to control their ball flight much more accurately.


  • More forgiving than previous designs
  • Increased speed due to better build


The Epic 21 drivers have been designed with their new Jailbreak Speed Frame. Previous designs only strengthened the body in verticle directions. This new design method enhances both horizontal and vertical stability across the entire face.

Callaway claims a 5% increase in swing speed resulting in greater shot speed. They also boast that with this new design you can also expect to experience greater forgiveness and better spin.


  • Awesome speed
  • Great accuracy
  • Nice tight launch


  • No adjustment for shot shape

Titleist’s TSi2 golf driver has a variety of innovative technologies that make it easy to hit the ball and have consistently long drives.

This results in even greater speed throughout the entire club face. The head has been also reshaped to improve its performance.

The consistency of this driver is impressive, even when shots weren’t middled. This will be a great help for mid-handicappers who may be struggling.

It has a great balance: it looks big, yet is easy to hit and doesn’t seem too bulky.


  • Nice feel
  • Good feedback
  • Thinner profile


  • No SW in set

In our opinion, it would be good for everyone to try a set of Mizuno irons at some point. You will not be disappointed.

These blade irons don’t just look great but they also perform very well. Golfers of all skill levels would enjoy this set of blade irons.

This forged model offers a fantastic combination of feel and feel that would fit well in a mid handicapper’s bag or even a single figure handicapper’s bag.


  • Great launch
  • Extremely forgiving
  • Look and feel very nice


  • On the higher end of the price spectrum

Apex 21 Irons offer a new level of performance and craftsmanship like none before. These irons are the first to be forged with Artificial Intelligence. This new design allows for higher ball speeds and better spin consistency. Their massive Tungsten Energy Core provides increased forgiveness. The shape has been improved for better turf interaction as well. These irons are impressive because of their iconic feel and superior performance.

The Forged model offers a great combination of forgiveness and feel. It would be very well-suited for a player with a single figure up to a mid handicapper.


  • Great feel
  • Well distributed weight
  • Sharp looking


  • Smaller head than some irons

D7 Forged Irons offer tour-level feel and distance with Power Hole and Power Chamber technologies. Combine that with a smaller head design and a thinner topline and you get a real tour-level shape.

The power hole placement was optimized for these forged heads. This design offers increased face deflection, contact time between the ball and the face of the iron and has resulted in more energy return, greater ball speed, and greater distance.

Power Chamber Technology is used to fill both the Power Holes and the whole chamber behind the head, lessening vibration that produces incredible sound quality as well as a nice feel.

Cavity construction and forged 8620 steel carbon steel beautifully blend the appearance and feel of traditional forged irons with improved distance.


  • Great looking irons
  • Good distance
  • Really nice feel


  • Higher loft than similar irons

The ZX7 by Srixon is designed for low handicappers, but the ZX5 will appeal to intermediate players too.

The sole has a thin, slender topline that is slightly offset, which is really more evident at 6-iron or lower.

This may not be for everyone, but this is to be expected from an iron that’s so forgiving.

Off-centre hits are actually remarkably forgiving and help maintain heel and toe strike carry.

It provides all the features you would expect in an iron for higher handicappers, but it also has a sleek and appealing appearance at address.

Intermediate Golf Clubs Buying Guide

There are many great choices for intermediate handicap players, as you can see. The problem sometimes isn’t finding the best clubs for your handicap, but choosing the right one to purchase.

This guide will explain what intermediate handicap players are and which clubs work well.

What is an Intermediate Golfer?

Most people have an idea of what makes a person a high or low handicapper. A high handicapper is someone who shoots scores in the hundreds. The lowest handicappers can reach past eighty.

Intermediates are those golfers who fall in between. The intermediates can shoot 96 the one day while another might shoot 88. Intermediate players can sometimes play one time per month, but they could also play every Saturday. This is definitely the biggest group in the game.

Should you buy a complete set?

Do you think it makes sense to either buy a golf set or individual clubs that are put together into a complete golf club set? The preference of individual golfers will determine the best option. Some players don’t like the hassle and expense of building complete sets.

For a lower-maintenance option, you can grab something from a shelf with the stand bag and all the accessories. Today’s golf clubs sets are far more advanced than those available a few years ago.

The technology will be better and you’ll be able to hit shots that were not possible before. The full set will offer more options than individual clubs, but may not have the same feel and distance.


You aren’t the only one who wants more distance from your golf club. Golfers have discovered that more distance makes the game easier. The round will be more fun if there are fewer shots to the green.

The sets we reviewed on this list will provide the best distance while also offering forgiveness and price. You may need to spend at least \$500 for a top-of-the-line golf club. The distance between high-end and full set drivers can be only a few yards for many golfers.


You will probably be able to use steel shafts for your irons by the time that you are an intermediate handicap golfer. The steel shaft can help you control your shot and maintain playability even if you’re not sure about it.

You will feel more comfortable using steel shafts in your irons than just hoping and swinging. For golfers with low clubhead speeds, graphite shafts will still be the best. Although graphite can help you get some distance, it will also reduce your control.

Set Makeup

For intermediate clubs, there is no one right set of makeup. There were many options for set makeup, as you can see from the reviews. We think it is important to remember that there are many clubs in the set.

You will need a driver, putter, and some irons. But it is essential that you have a fairway wood and a hybrid. While you can add more clubs to your set, the best sets available for purchase will be fairly complete.

Be aware of the shorter game options in full sets of golf clubs. You will need to purchase a sand wedge if the club set doesn’t have one. To get down to the intermediate handicap, a golfer must work hard in the short-game area.

A lob wedge is not included in the most expensive golf clubs. The lob wedge can be a valuable club to have in your bag if you are prone to hitting many shots from bunkers. This club can be purchased for between $30 and $100. This is something to keep in mind as you budget.

Golf Club Forgiveness

If you’re looking for golf clubs that give you a little more forgiveness, then there are terms you want to pay close attention to. For instance, you want to look for clubs with a low center of gravity.

You’ll find that clubs with a low center of gravity will get the ball into the air and headed toward the target much easier. There is a common misconception among mid handicap golfers that a higher launch is costing them distance. This simply is not true. A high flying ball stays in the air longer.

Some other things to pay close attention to are the size of the club face and the sweet spot. You’ll want to look for irons with perimeter weighted cavity back heads with lots of forgiveness. Being an intermediate golfer, you are likely to still need this instead of a blade or a forged iron as they would make the game much more difficult.


When choosing a golf bag you’ll be looking at two basic types. They are referred to as either a carry bag or a cart bag.

The names speak for themselves. A cart bag is designed to be taken around on the back of the golf cart. A carry bag has a strap and is designed to be carried from hole to hole.

Keep in mind that if you decide to go with a carry bag you will need to be able to carry it throughout the entire time you are playing. This can be good exercise but you also don’t want to overdo it.

How To Choose Good Golf Clubs For Intermediate Players

Average or intermediate golfers don’t usually spend weekends on the range, or fantasize about shooting in the 70’s. They are there to play the game and have fun.

But, it is possible that these players would be willing to use equipment that is both player-friendly and efficient from a performance standpoint. These are the top things intermediate golfers should be thinking of when choosing their clubs.

Get fitted for golf clubs

Intermediate players may consider being fitted for a new set of golf clubs. While this is a good idea, the majority of recommended clubs will have a high price. Intermediate golfers with limited budgets should consider purchasing a full set. For players who are taller, versions are available that measure about an inch higher than the standard.

Individual Clubs Versus A Golf Set

It is much simpler to put together complete golf sets, as they are very affordable and provide a complete solution. The convenience of the set and its pricing will mean that you lose some tech and performance. The individual clubs might be the better option if you want to lower your scores.

Individual Clubs

While individual clubs may be more costly, the ability to customize and tailor them to each player’s needs can make them worth it. The best thing about individual golf clubs is that they can be combined with traditional intermediate sets, making them a cost-effective and more customizable option.

Set of Golf Clubs

When it comes down to cost, the set of golf clubs will be your best investment. This set of golf clubs is affordable, it may have limited selections, but you will have consistent results throughout your entire bag.

Brand Name Versus Generic

While brand name clubs require a lot of research and development, they are also very expensive to market. Golfers are likely to have to spend more on brand-name clubs because of these high marketing costs. Brand name clubs have a higher longevity. Generic golf clubs offer greater value, but may not be as good for average players.

Brand Name Versus Clones

Although clones look identical to the brands, they can be purchased at a lower cost. You should make sure you are getting a quality shaft for your clone golf club. Otherwise, you might have problems with its overall performance.

The Club Head

To make hitting the ball straighter, the club heads of intermediate clubs will be slightly offset. The sweet spot must be wide and the center gravity should be low. These are important aspects to get the most out of your golf clubs.

Golf Club Shafts

The shafts for intermediate golf clubs typically consist of regular steel golf club shafts. They can be used by a variety of golfers to ensure consistency and greater control. You should be prepared for some extra trouble controlling your shot when you use a graphite golf club shaft.


These are the best intermediate clubs for golf. They have great distances, forgiveness and value. These sets are where golf clubs manufacturers put their best effort.

It is well known that the mid-handicapper is the biggest segment of the golf community. This group is likely to move up from the intermediate club to the lower handicap clubs.