Best hybrid golf clubs for high handicappers

Don’t be ashamed to ask for help. because this can be a difficult game. This is something manufacturers are very aware of and have designed clubs that can be used by all levels of golfers. The game will become more enjoyable if the clubs are easier to hit.

Hybrids can be used to assist high handicappers in hitting better long-range approach shots. Many top pros choose a hybrid to replace a long iron, as they have the same benefits.

A hybrid with more forgiveness is better for high-handicappers. You also want to feel confident when looking down, which you won’t necessarily get from either a compact hybrid or long-iron.

There are many options. Let’s look closer at some of the best hybrid golf clubs for high handicappers.

Best hybrid golf clubs for high handicappers

Here are our top picks for the best hybrid golf clubs for high handicappers.


  • Great performance
  • Nice feel
  • Very forgiving


  • Club head not adjustable

The Mavrik Max was a popular choice for handicappers and now the Callaway Apex Hybrid is a better option. It has many new features that make it an excellent club for long-iron players who are struggling.

This hybrid is among the best on the market thanks to the new Jailbreak Velocity Blades and Face Cup technology. It will help golfers maximize their ball speed.

Its low CG, the adjustability options in the hosel allow it to be tailored easily for those who are struggling to launch the ball.


  • Delivers good distance
  • Great looking club
  • Nice compact shape


  • Scratched easily

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  • Better turf interaction
  • High quality
  • Lower price than comparables


  • Not as nice looking as others

Cleveland has produced a variety of hybrids throughout the years. We believe that this Halo hybrid will be another hit. Gliderails provide speed and better turf interaction. A redesigned HiBore Crown lowers the CG for a nice low spin shot.

This club makes it easier to launch, especially for high handicappers. This could be the perfect club for you if you are looking for an easy-to-launch hybrid.


  • Very easy to hit
  • Great feel and weight
  • Hits for a good distance


  • Didn’t hit as long as others

The Wilson D9 hybrid inspires confidence as soon as you place it behind your ball. This makes the Wilson D9 hybrid a popular choice for high handicappers as well as all golfers.

It delivers on both the technical and the aesthetic sides. Variable face technology allows for high ball speeds, making it easy to reach the air. This is something not possible with other clubs.


  • Lighter club translates to higher club speeds
  • Visually appealing
  • Great price


  • Offset hostel can be hard to get used to

This hybrid is another choice for golfers who would really like more yardage. They are lighter and can be used by golfers who have slower swing speeds.

The new crown is lighter, and the shaft weighs five grams less. This helps speed and allows for a higher launch. A low profile shallow-face design also lowers the CG. Golfers are conscious of their appearances. While it is not the brightest blue that can be eye-catching nonetheless. These clubs add a stylish touch to the bag.


  • Firm feel
  • Very forgiving
  • Sharp Looking


  • Scratches easily

Titleist recently introduced their new TS nomenclature with their woods. Now, they are bringing their hybrids into the fold. The TS2 hybrids and TS3 hybrids will replace the H1 and H2 818 hybrids. Titleist’s nomenclature is TS, which stands for Titleist Speed. This means Titleist seeks speed in all aspects of design.

Titleist TS2 Hybrid, a long-iron substitute that is more forgiving than the original Titleist, maximizes performance with a sweeping swing.


  • Easy to hit
  • Great distance
  • Very well built


  • Offset takes some getting used to

Callaway’s Big Bertha B21 hybrid uses many of the same technology as their driver. It also has additional offset for straighter flights. To improve launch and trajectory, the hybrids include dual MIM (Metal Injected Moulding), tungsten weights in the sole. In the meantime, Jailbreak bars increase ball speed.

It is an excellent hybrid that can increase distance, yet it also has a lot of forgiveness. The B21 is a great choice for anyone struggling with a slice.

High handicappers can choose from three solid hybrids within Callaway’s Mavrik range.

Features to consider for high handicapper hybrids

You must consider your swing when looking for the ideal hybrid club. Golfers with a high number of strokes are more likely to have slower swings than others. For those with a more natural swing, there is often a tendency to have a slice.

You need to know the difference between a hybrid and a 3 wood when choosing which hybrid you should use. It can be difficult to decide which club you should hit when comparing a fairway wood and a hybrid. There are places for both. Here are the characteristics you must consider when choosing a hybrid.

Loft Angle

Hybrids have different loft angles, just like drivers. A hybrid will have three, four, or five hybrid clubs. They all use different lofts and can travel different distances. You can see that a 3 goes further than a 4, while a 4 goes farther than a 5. They range between 19 and 26 deg. A hybrid wood is more versatile than the traditional fairway wood. It’s easier to hit from both the rough or the fairway with a hybrid. You may need a loft angle that is lower depending on how far you usually get from the tee. This will allow you to get more carry.


You want to find the sweet spot, just like any other club. Different drivers will have sweeter spots than others. Hybrids are the same. With a hybrid, you will have more tolerance if you miss the sweet spot. A larger head is better. You want a larger head for hybrids than drivers even though you may not get as much distance from your fairway or rough shot, it can give you more forgiveness. However, it will make it easier to hit the ball straighter. A hybrid is more straight-cut than a high iron. Because you will have more forgiveness and a larger head, a hybrid is able to keep your shot straighter than if you use a higher iron. You’ll have a greater chance to hit it straight if you carry one.

Shaft and length

A flex shaft is better for a high handicapper than a rigid one. Because your swing speed will be slower than that of a low to mid handicapper. The head of the hybrid can reach the ball exactly where you need it. Graphite shafts are the best for beginners golfers. The club must be the correct length for you. You need to find the right length for hybrids, as they tend to have shorter clubs than drivers.

Center of gravity

Although it may seem like a big deal, having a bulky club with a large head could cause problems with your swing. Even if your handicap is higher, it doesn’t matter – you still need to focus on hitting the right place. The right center of gravity can help you keep your swing consistent and prevent your ball from cutting. It works in conjunction with your shaft and can influence things such as launch, speed, spin, and forgiveness.

You can adjust your center of gravity with some clubs by moving the weight. For golfers with high handicaps, a low center of gravity is best. This is because the ball spins less and will travel higher. It makes the ball easier to hit and makes for straighter shots. Spin is not something you should be worrying about if your goal is to hit straighter shots. This is not something you will notice at your club. Knowing where the club’s center gravity is is a great way to hit your goals.


A hybrid is a great way to get around some of the more difficult lies. A hybrid gives you more accuracy and distance in the rough than fairway woods. If you are a handicapper or don’t have the ability to hit your long irons, this is an essential tool. Hybrids can be tailored to high handicappers. This would be a great club to have in your bag.