Best Golf Blade Irons - Top Picks

Nothing is better for the avid golfer than a set of new and elegantly designed blades. Today’s golf irons are some of the best golf clubs on the market

These modern golf irons not only look stunning, but they also have the best feel and control.

The best blades offer the highest level of playability than any other irons and are popular among elite players. A blade can be used to adjust the flight of the ball for wind conditions.

Every golfer dreams of hitting a good shot with a blade iron. These shots are most often hit by lower handicappers. Because it is not very forgiving and has a small sweet spot, the blade iron can prove to be difficult to hit.

The modern technology of clubs has advanced to the point that beautiful looking blades are no longer something only professionals can use.

These blades look sleek and modern, which is why they are more popular in today’s marketplace. If you want to feel like a pro golfer, the best irons for you will do that. We’re going to take a look at some of the top blade irons currently for sale.

Best golf Blade Irons

Here are our top picks, in order, for best golf blade irons


  • A nice soft feel
  • Wider sole/More forgiving
  • Nice feedback from the steel head


  • The head is a little bigger than other options

People tend to think that Wilson only makes beginner clubs or perimeter weighted cavity back irons. They would be incorrect though as we have found these irons to be one of the best kept secrets in golf.

The Wilson Staff Model Golf Blades are really made for all types of players in mind. These blades have a fluid feel hosel. Having less weight in the hosel allows for a wider sole which creates increased playability.

These blades offer a quality fit that is unmatched in any other production iron. Players can shape shots easily and confidently.


  • More forgiving
  • Good distance
  • Nice feel


  • Lower ball spin/may not stick as well.

TaylorMade P790 is a good choice if you want blade irons with a nice look and feel.

These irons have a hollow body iron that has been forged and isn’t a traditional blade.

However, they share the same attributes as many blades on the market.

For mid-handicap golfers, the P790 is a wonderful addition. You will appreciate the good design and feel but it still offers that extra forgiveness.

The TaylorMade P790 irons are heavily focused on speed, just like all other TaylorMade irons. The P790 can help you regain your ball speed.

Although this isn’t the most recent TaylorMade release, they make little improvements each year to ensure that these irons remain the finest forged irons available.


  • Newly redesigned sole
  • Forged head/great feel
  • Consistent performance


  • Not a true blade

Although it is not a blade in the truest sense of the term, some players would still consider the Srixon Z 785 to be a blade. Even though it could be considered to be a forged golf iron designed with the mid to low handicap player in mind, it can easily be put in the blade category due to the technology and performance of this golf iron.

We were most impressed by the VT Sole due to its amazing turf interaction we got when using the Srixon Z785 irons. This club is definitely for players who have struggled to find consistency.

This club has some extra mass at the location of impact, which adds to its overall forgiveness. The 1020 Carbon Steel provides the most comfortable and responsive feel on the market. The Srixon Z785 is the best choice if you want to control the ball and still have a little forgiveness.


  • Designed for performance
  • Visually appealing
  • Hits higher than other clubs


  • A little less forgiving

If you take a closer look at the available blade irons, you’ll see why TaylorMade Mizuno and Titleist are some of the most popular choices. This trio of companies really focuses on what players want: feel and performance.

The TaylorMade P770 has a completely new design. It is changing the way players look at their type of iron. This compact design has a thin topline with less offset and overall a shorter blade length than P790 golf clubs irons.

Although the body is the same in design, it has unique performance characteristics and a unique feel. The Speed Foam Urethane Foam injected clubhead ensures that your golf ball is as fast and efficient as possible.

It is hard to find a more attractive, flexible blade that works for so many types of players.


  • Completely redesigned look and feel
  • Creates fast ball speeds & better spin
  • Better launch characteristics


  • Tends to be less forgiving

Callaway’s Apex Pro 2021 makes a great choice for lower handicap golfers who demand accuracy and precision. The Apex Pro 2021 is the perfect choice if you are looking for extreme precision and accuracy in your shots.

The club features an AI-designed hollow body and face structure. You will get similar impressive distance features to other Callaway irons but with more accuracy and workability.

These blade irons have tungsten weighting to help improve your golf game. Each club head has a patented microsphere of urethane to dampen vibrations when shots are not hit as cleanly. The Apex 2021 is the perfect tool for you if you want to improve your game and use the most advanced technology available.


  • Hollow core creates a softer feel
  • Forged face has a larger sweet spot
  • Forgiving yet solid feel
  • Free app to help track distance and accuracy


  • A little thicker than a normal blade

Cobra is best known for its game improvement technology. But, every year, Cobra releases one to two sets of irons for lower handicappers. Cobra’s irons can give golfers a great feeling, even though they are not known for catering to lower handicap players.

Cobra King Forged Tec’s hollow-construction muscle back iron allows for great distance and playability. With this iron clubhead, the foam-infused core provides a soft feeling and more workability.

Cobra Connect technology can be found in all of their golf iron club heads and is designed to help players who like to keep track of their performance during their games. Cobra Connect technology can be a valuable feature if you want to track your stats and ensure you more accurately track distances. While it may take some getting used to the caddy app, and how it works, awareness of your game will help you be a better player.

Blade Irons buying guide

You now know the top clubs on the market. It makes sense to find out what a Blade Iron is, and what you should look for in a new one.

When to Use Irons?

You’ll find that from every lie of the course, you can use irons. The best blade irons can be used to interact with the turf. When choosing the best golf irons that you will use, consider how they will play on fairways, roughs, hazards, bunkers, and fringes. For players who want to be more versatile in all of the above playing positions, blade irons offer a great opportunity.

Great Blade Iron Features

Every blade iron set will follow a few common principles that meet the requirements of every golfer. Blade irons can be made by either casting or forging or any combination. Many blade irons have a single-piece, forged makeup. Blades made today are easier to use than those that were created in the past.

Forged irons have a compact design, a simple appearance and weigh less than the rest. Cavity back irons can have pieces made from forged or cast materials. Cavity back irons are made from molds, and the molten or carbon steel is poured into them for better production and performance.

Cavity back blade irons are not only less costly, but they are also more flexible. Every club comes with a shaft and grip to make the club truly yours.

What are the advantages of blade irons?

The ball flight and path control are much simpler with blade irons. Blade irons are best if you love to hit draws or fades.

Cavity back irons may allow for more accurate shots than blade irons, however, they do not allow players to hit the same types of shots so there are limitations to cavity back irons.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Blade Irons?

Cavity back irons can be more forgiving than blade irons. The difference in shorter irons is not as dramatic.

You may be surprised at how difficult the blade irons are to hit when you consider the long irons’ performance.

This is because the seat spot of the blades is much smaller than the cavity back irons simply because they have a much thinner and smaller profile.

Do Pros Use Blade Irons Or Cavity Backs?

A blade is almost always used by professionals. Professional golf swings are very predictable and efficient.

Because pros know where the ball is going and how it should respond when hit they are able to play with a less forgiving club.

Blades tend to have a better feel. The best players want that perfect feel with little vibration when hitting the ball.

What Are The Advantages Of A Blade Combo Set?

Manufacturers of golf clubs are creating combo sets that include cavity-back type irons in long irons and blades in short irons.

This is so that mid-level handicap golfers can still play with high-performing irons while still getting the forgiveness needed in long irons.

Combination sets are something even low handicappers can use to increase distance and forgiveness when using the 5, 4, and 3 irons.

Who Should Use Blade Irons?

A blade iron is a good option for any golfer who appreciates feel in a club. Golfers who have over a 10 handicap should consider a cavity back or a forged/cavity back combination.

The use of blade irons is not recommended for new golfers who are just learning how to play the game of golf.

Blades may be a good option if you find yourself struggling to make the types of shots you want.


Blade irons can be a costly investment. You will pay more for them than you would for cavity back irons. And if your blades don’t get hit well, it can lead to costly errors.

If your handicap happens to be below 10, it is time to think about making the switch.