How Do You Make a Golf Ball for a Christmas Tree?

How do you make a golf ball for a Christmas tree? With the holidays in full swing, creating creative and festive decorations for your home can be challenging. 

One fun project for this time of year is making a golf ball Christmas tree! This is a great way to bring some holiday cheer into your home while having some fun and getting creative. 

Making a golf ball tree isn’t as difficult as you might think; basic materials, such as golf balls, glue, and paint, are all you need.

Making a Golf Ball Tree

How do you make a golf ball for a Christmas tree

Creating your own unique Golf Ball Tree is easy. 

First, select the container you plan to put your tree in. With the labels removed, you can use any vessel, from glass vases or bowls to old teacups or recycled cans. 

The next step is arranging the golf balls within the container in whatever pattern you desire—a pyramid shape, a spiral pattern, or anything else that strikes your fancy. 

Finally, decorate around it by adding tiny stones or marbles for contrast. 

Once the tree is complete, you can find a spot for it on a side table near your favorite chair to admire it whenever you pass by!

Gather Supplies

How do you make a golf ball for a Christmas tree

Golf ball trees are a fun and creative way to display golf balls. Whether as a tribute to your favorite golfer or as a unique decor piece, golf ball trees make excellent decorations for any home or office. Making your golf ball tree is surprisingly simple and requires only a few supplies. 

To get started, gather the necessary supplies:

  • An 8-inch Styrofoam cone
  • Hot glue gun
  • Glue sticks
  • Small wooden dowels in various lengths (2-4 inches long)
  • Colorful tissue paper
  • Scissors
  • An x-acto knife
  • Some colorful golf balls 

The Styrofoam cone serves as the tree’s base, while the wooden dowels act as branches. Use enough dowels to fill up every edge of the cone’s circumference.

Choose a Base

How do you make a golf ball for a Christmas tree

Whether you’re creating it as a gift, decoration, or just because, making your golf ball tree is an easy and enjoyable way to show off your golf collection. The first step in making the perfect golf ball tree is choosing a base. 

There are numerous options available when selecting the right base, including branches, sticks found outside, or even PVC pipes. 

If you use natural branches, ensure they are securely mounted in a container filled with sand or pebbles. 

For those looking for something more creative, PVC pipes can be arranged in creative shapes such as spirals and circles and then painted according to your preference.

Create the Balls

How do you make a golf ball for a Christmas tree

The first step in creating your golf ball tree is to make the balls themselves. 

You will need several small Styrofoam balls available at most hobby stores, white glue or hot glue, and paint or markers to decorate them with. 

Once you have gathered all of your materials, start by applying a thin layer of glue over the entire surface of each Styrofoam ball and then gently press on either paint or marker dots for texture and color.

Decorate & Assemble

Gather your supplies: some styrofoam cones (available at most craft stores), a hot glue gun, and several dozen golf balls. 

Next, apply some hot glue to the styrofoam cone and place one golf ball securely on top

Continue this process until the entire cone is covered with golf balls. Once the basic structure has been created, it’s time to get creative! Add ribbons, bells, or other decorative items to make it your work of art. 

Finally, assemble your materials by placing them in an appropriately sized container or stand – voila!

Light it Up

How do you make a golf ball for a Christmas tree

With a few basic supplies and minimal effort, you can create your own eye-catching golf ball tree that will light up any room. 

You’ll need some twigs or branches, a glue gun, glue sticks, white paint or spray paint, tiny LED lights with battery packs (or solar-powered string lights), and golf balls! 

Start by bending the branches into an exciting design that suits your taste. Secure them together with hot glue if needed.


Making a golf ball for a Christmas tree is an easy, fun, and unique way to spruce up your tree this holiday season. Not only does it add a festive touch to the decorations, but you can also customize the design however you’d like. 

All you need is some paint, a golf ball, and creativity! With just a few simple steps, you can have your personalized golf ball for your Christmas tree in no time. 

So why not give it a try?

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