How Many Golf Courses in Michigan

How many golf courses in Michigan? There are currently 116 golf courses in Michigan. This number is rising as more golfers discover how much fun they can have on a golf course. The courses are located all over the state, so no matter where you are in Michigan, you’ll be able to play a round of golf.

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How many golf courses are in Michigan?

How Many Golf Courses in Michigan

Michigan has over 100 golf courses, making it one of the most popular sports in the state. Many courses are located in cities and towns across the state, while others are found in rural areas. 

Michigan’s biggest city, Detroit, has over 20 golf courses available to play. Other popular golf destinations include Ann Arbor, Flint, Grand Blanc, Jackson, and Traverse City.

History of Golf in Michigan

How Many Golf Courses in Michigan

The history of golf in Michigan dates back to the 1840s when a man named Daniel H. Reid first developed the sport on his family farm in Bath Township. Reid was a Scottish immigrant who had learned to play golf while living in Scotland and brought the game with him when he migrated to America. 

Reid’s son, George, continued to develop the game in Michigan and helped establish some of Michigan’s early golf courses. In 1865, George organized what is believed to be the first golf tournament west of the Alleghenies–a four-person event held at Old Fort Gratiot near Detroit. 

Over time, more tournaments were organized, and Michigan began to gain a reputation as one of America’s leading golfing states. 

Today, there are over 30 golf courses in Michigan, and residents from all walks of life enjoy the sport.

Michigan’s Top 7 Golf Courses

Michigan is known for its great lakes, forests, and snowmobiling, but it’s also home to some of the best golf courses in the country. Here are Michigan’s Top 10 Golf Courses:

  1. Arcadia Bluffs Golf Club  
  2. Forest Dunes Golf Club 
  3. Greywalls at Marquette Golf Club 
  4. Lochenheath Golf Club 
  5. Bay Harbor Golf Club (Links/Quarry) – Bay Harbor
  6. Eagle Eye – Bath
  7. Belvedere Golf Club – Charlevoix

Costs of Golf in Michigan

How Many Golf Courses in Michigan

Golf has been a popular sport for centuries and continues to be enjoyed by millions worldwide. The sport is trendy in Michigan, with more than 305 golf courses. While golf can be expensive, there are ways to save money on your round. 

One way to save money on your golf outing is to play at a discount course. Discount courses often offer cheaper green fees and may have special rates for members or senior citizens. Discounts may also be available for those who book tee times in advance. 

Another way to save on your golf trip is to take advantage of group rates. Many golf resorts offer group rates significantly lower than the regular rates. This option can be beneficial if you are traveling with a large group or looking for an affordable vacation outing.


In conclusion, Michigan has over 100 golf courses, making it one of the most popular golfing destinations in the U.S. 

Whether you’re looking for a challenging round of golf or want to get out and enjoy some fresh air, Michigan has the perfect course. 

If you’re planning a trip to Michigan, check out the Golf Digest Michigan Course Guide to find the best courses.

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