How Much Has Trump Spent Golfing

How much has Trump spent golfing? Donald Trump has spent a considerable amount of time golfing throughout his presidency. In the first 8 months, he spent a total of 58 days on the green, more than any other president in history. Trump’s love for the sport is well-documented, and it has clearly taken a toll on his schedule.

Methods: How have reporters determined how much Trump has spent golfing?

One way reporters have determined how much Trump has spent golfing is by looking at the courses he has playedThe New York Times analyzed Trump’s golf trips and found that he had played a total of 71 rounds of golf as of August. 

This averages out to about three rounds a week, which would amount to around $14 million over the course of a year. 

Another way reporters have estimated Trump’s golf outings is by analyzing photos that were taken during these trips. For example, one photo from May showed Trump at his course in Bedminster, New Jersey, while another from February showed him playing at one in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Results: The amount Trump has spent on golfing so far


In conclusion,it is interesting to note how much Trump has spent on golfing over the years. He has spent an estimated $60 million dollars on golf over the course of his career so far. 

This data raises some interesting questions about how much time Trump spends doing something that he professes to care so much about, and whether or not golf actually helps him achieve his goals.