How to break in a golf glove

How to break in a golf glove? While gloves can be expensive, they don’t last forever and will eventually need to be replaced. But before you spend money on a new pair, there are a few tricks you can use to break in your golf glove so that it fits comfortably and securely.

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Breaking in a Glove

How to break in a golf glove

Breaking in a Glove is essential to maintaining any glove for the best performance and longevity. 

Whether you’re playing baseball, softball, fastpitch, or slowpitch, breaking in your glove will help you play better and have more control. 

When looking to break in your new glove, some critical steps should be taken to ensure it is done correctly. 

The first step is to purchase a mitt conditioner or specialty oil to help soften the leather and make it easier to break in. 

Once you have applied the conditioning treatment, wrap your glove with a towel overnight which helps form the pocket shape and soften up any hard spots or ridges on the inside of the mitt.

Step 1: Choosing the Right Glove

How to break in a golf glove

Choosing the right glove is essential for any athlete looking to maximize their performance. 

It’s important to factor in various criteria, such as position, size, and material, when selecting a glove. The next step is breaking in the glove, so it fits properly and feels comfortable during use. 

Breaking in a glove can be done by applying oil, wearing it around the house, or using both methods. 

Oiling the leather on your new baseball mitt will help soften it while preserving its condition over time. 

To do this, apply lanolin-based oil or petroleum jelly over the entire surface using your fingers or a cloth rag. 

Allow the oil to sit overnight, then wipe off any excess with a clean towel before playing catch.

Step 2: Prepping the Glove

How to break in a golf glove

Start by rubbing shaving cream outside the leather surface to break in a new glove. This helps soften the leather while keeping it conditioned. 

Then, place a baseball inside the glove pocket and wrap it with rubber bands or an old sock to hold its shape. 

Once secured, you can begin breaking in your new glove by pressing down on various areas such as palms, thumb holes, and webbings using your hands or other objects like jackhammers or door stoppers.

Step 3: Softening the Leather

How to break in a golf glove

Having the correct fit and feel of your glove is essential, ensuring you have control when you’re up at bat. 

The Softening of Leather is a vital part of breaking in a glove that should be taken seriously. 

The first step to Softening the Leather is to use warm water and gently rub it into the leather until it becomes damp. 

Make sure that you do this evenly throughout the entire glove surface, as this will help soften all parts equally. 

After doing so, use your hands to massage and spread out the moisture on the leather – this will help to break down any stiffness in the material and make it easier to shape into your desired form.

Step 4: Molding the Glove

How to break in a golf glove

Molding a new glove requires time and patience to form it into the perfect fit. 

The most common way to break in a glove is using oils or creams that soften the leather and reduce stiffness. 

Rubbing oil on all glove surfaces will help remove any protective coating over the leather so that your hand can easily penetrate through tight pockets or small spaces inside the glove. 

After applying oil, you should mold your hand into each finger pocket of your glove several times until it feels comfortable and snug around your fingers.

Step 5: Wearing the Glove

How to break in a golf glove

Every new glove must be broken in before it can fit properly and provide optimal performance. 

Generally speaking, breaking in a glove requires several hours of wearing, catching, and throwing it around until it adjusts to the shape of your hand and becomes naturally flexible. 

For infielders, this process should be done with special attention given to their index finger as this is crucial for quick catching reflexes. 

Outfield players may need a larger size for better reachability, so they should also consider adjusting accordingly.

Perfectly Formed Glove

However, breaking in a glove takes time and patience – a few simple steps can help ensure your new glove is ready for game day. 

First, wrap your glove in a towel and tie it with twine or rubber bands. 

Then, place the wrapped glove in warm water for about 10 minutes. This will soften the leather of the glove and make it more flexible. 

After soaking your glove, take it out of the water and remove all excess moisture by gently wringing out the towel while keeping its shape intact.

Final Words 

Breaking in a golf glove is an integral part of the game, as having a good grip on your club can improve your performance. 

Taking time to break in your glove will make it more comfortable and help you control the club better and hit more accurate shots. 

Make sure to use suitable materials and techniques when breaking in your glove, and be aware that some materials might cause damage, so follow the instructions carefully.

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