How to hit a bunker shot

How to hit a bunker shot? Bunkers are a part of almost every golf course. They can be tough to hit, but you can get the ball into them with a little practice.

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The Fundamentals of Hitting a Bunker Shot


If you’re looking to add an extra dimension to your game, consider hitting a bunker shot. Here’s a quick primer on how to hit one with precision: 

1. Choose your club well – A bunker shot requires a stiffer club than most shots. A big blade or driver won’t do the trick, as they’ll be too soft and will bounce off the turf. Instead, look for a club that has a deep face and is heavier in the handle. This will give you more stability when striking the ball and make it easier to get a solid hit into the sand.

2. Visualize your target – Once you’ve chosen your club, focus on putting yourself in a position to hit the ball into the sand. Aiming too high or low can lead to an inaccurate shot; aim for about waist-high or just below shoulder height if possible.


There are three fundamental things to consider when hitting a bunker shot: the clubface, the ball, and your putting stroke. The clubface should be square to the ground at all times, with the face pointing towards the target. The ball should be hit as low as possible and held down on the green for as long as possible. Finally, keep your putter head still during the stroke and aim toward the hole.

Final Words 

In conclusion, the bunker shot is an important part of the game. Here are three tips to help you hit it well: 

  1. Find a spot where the green is thick, and cover the bunker with your ball.
  2. Use your clubface to create more drag on the ball, which will slow it down and help you get it close to the hole.
  3. Keep your hands moving along the clubface to keep the ball on course.

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