How to Play Monty Golf

How to play Monty Golf? Monty Golf is a unique and challenging game requiring quick reflexes and good coordination.

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What is Monty Golf, and how can you play it?

Monty Golf is a leisurely game that can be enjoyed by all. Monty Golf is played on a golf course, with a ball and clubs similar to traditional golf. 

The object of the game is to score as few strokes as possible in 18 holes. There are no time limits, so players can take their time to complete each hole. 

Each round of Monty Golf is unique, with different terrain and obstacles that players must navigate. 

Whether you’re looking for an afternoon diversion or an exercise routine tailored specifically for you, Monty Golf is perfect for everyone.

How to Play Monty Golf: The Basics

Monty Golf is a fun and easy game for all ages. 

Here are the basics of how to play: 

  1. To start, choose your cup. There are four cups in Monty Golf – a regular cup, a large cup, a mini golf ball holder, and a green flag holder.
  2. Place the green flag in the regular cup or large cup and hit the ball into the hole. If you hit it in the wrong hole, you can try to get it back by hitting it off one of the other cups onto the green flag on the first tee.
  3. The mini golf ball holder is for when you don’t have any balls left. You can pick up any ball that’s lying on the ground or in one of the other cups to use as your mini golf ball holder.

Monty Golf Tips: Playing the Course

When you play Monty, always keep these tips in mind to have a successful round: 

  1. Try to hit your shots on the green. If you can land your ball close to the hole, chances are it will stay there and give you a chance at making a putt. 
  2. Pay attention to how the wind is affecting your shot. Sometimes an easy shot can become difficult with a gust of wind coming in from behind you, so be prepared for that. 
  3. Take advantage of any breaks in the other players’ games. A good way to do that is to attack their greens when they’re least expecting it – and don’t forget about putting yourself in advantageous positions on the course by playing conservatively near the green when others are taking too many risks. 

Monty Golf Strategy: Putting It All Together

If you want to improve your putting skills, Monty is the coach for you. In this article, we will walk you through his strategy for putting. 

Monty believes that it is important to have a consistent putting stroke from start to finish. To achieve this, he recommends practicing the same stroke on every green, regardless of the situation. He also recommends focusing on the ball’s position in relationship to the cup at all times. 

Once you have a good understanding of where the ball is positioned at all times, it is important to make sure that your putt goes into the hole in a straight line. To do this, Monty recommends using a flat-footed stance and making sure that your back leg stays stationary throughout the stroke.


In conclusion, Monty Golf is a great game for both newcomers and experienced golfers. No matter your skill level, there is a perfect course for you to enjoy. So what are you waiting for? Start playing today!

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