How to Stop Slicing Driver

You can do a few things to help stop slicing your driver. 

  1. First, make sure that your grip is correct. Too tight of a grip will cause the club to hit off-center, leading to sliced shots. 
  2. Second, practice swinging the club at different speeds. Slower swings prevent the driver from flying off the tee and into trouble, while faster swings help produce more power. 
  3. Finally, use an extra club to hit difficult shots.

What is Driver Slicing?

Driver slicing is a golf technique in which the golfer uses the clubface to slice the ball off the ground. Depending on how hard and where the golfer hits the ball, this can be done with a draw or fade. 

Driver slicing has its roots in both conservative play and shot-making. It allows golfers to get closer to the green, and it can help them keep their shots low and on the ground, which makes it harder for opponents to hit good shots back at them.

Causes of Driver Slicing

The term “driver slicing” describes a player’s tendency to slice the ball to the left or right, often when hitting shots from a short distance. Many factors can cause driver slicing, but one of the most common is improper technique when swinging the club.

Solutions to Driver Slicing

Driver slicing, or hitting the ball off-center to achieve a good trajectory, is a common problem for golfers. There are many solutions to driver slicing, but some of the most common are practicing with a different clubface angle and adjusting your stance.


In conclusion, here are five steps to stop slicing:

  • Practice your backswing.
  • Ensure your clubface is square to the ball.
  • Aim at the center of the golf ball.
  • Keep your wrists straight, and keep your head down.