How to Throw a Roller Disc Golf

How to throw a roller disc golf? Roller disc golf is a new sport that is growing in popularity. If you’re looking to learn how to throw a roller disc, this guide will help. First, you’ll need to find a roller disc. Then, follow these instructions to throw it properly.

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What is roller disc golf, and what are the benefits?

Roller disc golf is a new sport that combines the excitement of traditional golf with the challenges of a roller coaster. 

Players use discs to navigate a course made up of hills and curves, just like in traditional golf. 

But there’s one significant difference: when players make a putt, they must stop the disc at the same time it touches the ground, or it counts as an “impossible” putt, and they need to start over. This adds an element of strategy and difficulty not found in other sports. 

Roller disc golf can be enjoyed by all ages and skill levels, making it perfect for family fun days or group exercise sessions. 

Plus, because there’s no need for physical coordination beyond rolling the disc around, roller disc golf is great for those with disabilities or injuries that limit their ability to participate in other sports.

The Basics of Throwing a Roller Disc: Positioning, Grip, and Power

Throwing a roller disc is a skill that can be learned quickly and with practice, but some basics must be understood before beginning. 

  1. First and foremost, the position of the hand must be correct. 
  2. The hand should be positioned just below the center of the disc, as close to it as possible, without touching it. 
  3. The fingers should be curled slightly inward to create a good grip. 
  4. Finally, power must be delivered with arm and shoulder movement, not just throws.

Techniques for Throwing a Roller Disc: Backhand, Lead-hand, Sidearm

Various techniques can be used to throw the ball; each has advantages and disadvantages. 


The backhand technique is the most common way to throw a roller disc. It involves throwing the ball towards your backfoot, using your non-throwing hand to help guide it into the air. Backhand throws are typically more accurate than other throws because they require less spin on the ball. However, backhanded throws are less powerful than front-handed throws, which means they could be more effective at reaching high distances.

Lead Hand

The lead-hand technique is a roller disc golf technique involving using your dominant hand to control the disc. This allows you to use your hands and arms to generate more power when throwing the disc, which can help you further down the course faster.


Sidearm is one of the most important techniques for roller disc golf. It’s essential for controlling your shots and can make a difference on long holes. Here are four tips for mastering sidearm:

Keep your arm close to your body

This is the essential tip for sidearm success. When you grip your disc with your non-dominant hand, keep your arm close to your body, so it’s in line with your throwing arm. This will help you keep better control over the disc while it’s in flight.

Tips for Playing Roller Disc Golf: Practice, Strategy, and Tactics

Playing roller disc golf can be a lot of fun, but it takes some practice to get good at it. Here are some tips for playing better: 

1. Practice, practice, practice! Playing roller disc golf is like regular golf – the more you play, the better you’ll get. Get out there and give it a try, and soon you’ll be putting in impressive rounds on your own. 

2. Strategy is vital when playing roller disc golf. Think about where you want to hit your discs and then put them there accordingly. Try to avoid hitting trees or other obstacles, and keep an eye on the clock so that you don’t run out of time in a round. 

3. Be patient – sometimes, things will not go your way, and you’ll miss a shot or two in a row.

Final Words 

In conclusion, here are five tips for throwing a roller disc golf: practice, practice, practice; be patient; use accurate throws; and stay calm.

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