What is the Proper Way to Grip a Golf Club?

The proper way to grip a golf club can make a huge difference in your game. There are three main ways to grip a golf club: with the fingers straight, with the fingers bent, and with the palm facing forward. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Here’s a look at each:

With the fingers straight, you hold the club close to your body so that it’s pointing directly at your target. This is the most traditional way to grip a golf club, and it’s what most people start with.

With the fingers bent, you hold the club farther away from your body. This allows you to hit straighter shots because your hand is less restricted. However, it also makes it harder to control your ball because it’s harder to Steady your hand on the club throughout its flight.

What is grip? How many different grips are there?

  • The Basic Grip: The thumb and first two fingers are placed on top of the club with the other 3 fingers wrapped around the club shaft
  • The Modified Grip: Same as the basic grip, but the fourth finger is added.
  • The Wrist Grip: The hand is placed palm down on the club head. The thumb and first two fingers are placed on either side of the club head. The middle and ring fingers are placed behind the club head
  • The Palm Grip: Same as the wrist grip, but the hand is placed palm up on the club head.
  • Putting Grips: There are several different putting grips that can be used for various putting