What does OS mean for golf clubs

What does OS mean for golf clubs? Oversized golf clubs are becoming increasingly popular, with many golfers preferring them for their increased distance. 

What does OS stand for, and what does it mean for golf clubs? OS stands for Oversize Shaft. 

This designation is given to clubs that are larger in shaft diameter than the standard size. The benefit of using a big club is that it increases your distance and accuracy.

Different Types of OS

Oversized golf clubs are becoming more popular as golfers search for clubs that provide them with the best possible performance. 

There are a few different types of oversized golf clubs on the market, each with unique benefits. 

Some golfers prefer oversized shafts because they believe they hit the ball further and straighter when using a big club. 

Others enjoy the look of big clubs and use them for intimidation purposes on the course.


In conclusion, golfers should be aware of the potential dangers associated with oversized clubs. 

Not only are they more difficult to swing, but they can also cause serious injury if not used properly. 

So if you’re considering buying a big club, talk to your golf instructor first to ensure it’s safe for you.

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