What Does Standing Astride Mean In Golf

What does standing astride mean in golf? Standing astride in golf is when a golfer is positioned, so their hips and shoulders are square to the target. This allows them to generate more power and improve their accuracy.

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What does it mean for a golfer’s stance?

There are few things as necessary to a golfer’s game as their stance. A good stance allows a golfer to generate power and control while hitting the ball. It also helps the golfer stay balanced and stable, making it easier to hit good shots.

The basic stance for a golfing amateur is typically a closed-toe stance with the dominant foot slightly in front of the other. This position gives you maximum power through your hips and helps keep your balance while you swing

As you improve your game, you’ll want to open up your stance to generate more power from your lower body.

Benefits of standing astride

Standing astride is an advantageous golfing position that can provide several benefits

By maintaining a stance that is shoulder-width apart and slightly forward of the ball, you create more center of gravity and stability. 

This allows you to make stronger backswing direction changes and more significant follow-through movements, which results in more consistent ball striking. 

Additionally, by standing astride, you can generate more loft from your clubface than if you were playing from a conventional foot-forward stance.


In conclusion, standing astride means being aligned with the clubface so that the ball is struck squarely and consistently with minimal spin. 

A good stance allows the golfer to control their shots and avoid putting too much backspin on the ball, leading to a more accurate shot. 

So, a good stance is essential for consistent results, whether you’re a beginner just starting out in the game or an experienced player looking for an edge on your competition.

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