What Does wd Mean In Golf?

What does WD stand for in golf? When a golfer hits a ball and goes past the green, it hits a “wedge” shot. The abbreviation WD stands for “worst differential.” 

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What is WD?

WD stands for “worst differential.” 

How Does WD Affect Your Game?

The worst differential is one of the most critical numbers in golf. It’s a statistic that shows how far ahead or behind your opponent you are on the golf course. Generally, the worse the differential, the more challenging the hole. 

The bottom line: Playing to your best ability is critical when competing against someone with a worse differential. This information can help you play smarter and make better decisions on each shot, resulting in a better score.

Common WD Situations

WD situations can occur on any golf course but tend to happen more often on shorter courses. 

The key to avoiding WD situations is always to keep your club head in the correct position. 

There are a few everyday WD situations, and knowing how to avoid them is key to a successful golf round. 

For example, if you’re hitting your drive too far right, you’ll likely encounter a WD situation when attempting to hit your second shot into the green. 

Make sure you practice these WD scenarios to know how to react in case they happen during a game. 

And finally, feel free to ask for help from your caddy or fellow golfers if you’re struggling with a WD situation. They’re more than happy to provide some advice!


In conclusion, WD stands for “worst differential.” It is a statistic used to compare how well two golfers perform relative to each other. Keeping this in mind when playing with others will help ensure you take only a slight advantage of your position.

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