What Golf Clubs Does Tiger Woods Use

What golf clubs does Tiger Woods use? Tiger Woods is one of the world’s most famous golfers. He has won numerous championships and has been named Golf’s Greatest Player multiple times. Woods uses various clubs to hit the ball, but what do his clubs typically look like?

What is Tiger Woods’ favorite golf club?

What Golf Clubs Does Tiger Woods Use

In a 2013 interview with GOLF magazine, Tiger Woods revealed his favorite golf club is the Nike driver. He said it’s “probably” his most used club and that it gives him the best results. Woods has been known to use many different clubs throughout his career, but the Nike driver has generally been his go-to club.

History of Tiger Woods’ Golf Clubs

What Golf Clubs Does Tiger Woods Use

Tiger Woods has had a remarkable career in professional golf, with 14 major championships (nine of which he won consecutively) and over $2 billion in earnings. 

His success has been fueled by his dominance on the PGA Tour, which is the most prestigious professional golf tour in the world. 

Tiger Woods’ first golf club was a Titleist 5-wood, which he began using at the age of 11. He switched to Nike clubs in 1996 and played exclusively Nike throughout his amateur and professional career. 

In 2006, Tiger Woods switched to Callaway Golf clubs and has been using them ever since.

What Golf Clubs Does Tiger Woods Use Today?

What Golf Clubs Does Tiger Woods Use

You might be asking yourself what golf clubs does Tiger Woods use today. Well, the answer to that question is a little bit complicated.

Tiger Woods has used several different clubs throughout his career but he has recently transitioned back to using Titleist clubs. He has been very successful with these clubs, winning multiple major championships with them.

Titleist makes a range of different golf clubs, from drivers and fairway woods to irons and hybrids. Tiger Woods usually sticks to the company’s longest irons (forgiving shots), middle irons (for birdie opportunities) and shortest irons (for putts).


In conclusion,Tiger Woods uses clubs that are specifically designed for him, based on his swing mechanics and game. For beginners, these clubs may not be the best option, as they are not forgiving of poor swings.