What is a Double Cross in Golf

What is a double cross in golf? A double cross in golf is when a player intentionally plays one shot more than they are required to gain an advantage. This can be done by hitting the ball high into the air or by playing a shorter shot to reach the green in as few strokes as possible.


A double cross in golf is a shot where the player makes an illegal move to distract or confuse their opponent.

Examples of Double Crosses in Golf

Putting for eagle

One of the most difficult shots in golf is the putting for eagle. There are many examples of double crosses in golf, which is when a player makes one putt and then tries to make another, but fails. 

Swapping clubs mid round

While golf may appear to be a simple game, with only two people playing, there are plenty of opportunities for double crosses. Swapping clubs mid round is a classic example of a double cross. 

This can lead to surprising results, and can even mean the difference between winning and losing. Double crosses can also occur when one player signals to their partner that they are ready to play, but then changes their mind at the last minute. 

In any case, it’s important for both players to be aware of potential double crosses so that they can stay on their toes and make the best possible decisions during gameplay.


The use of double crosses in golf can be an effective way to disrupt and confuse your opponent.