What is an Eagle in Golf?

What is an eagle in golf? Eagles are the highest-scoring shots in golf – and there’s a good reason for that. They require accuracy, power, and precision. Learn more about this amazing shot and how to pull off an eagle in golf below!

The Rules: What is an eagle in golf?

What is an Eagle in Golf
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What is an eagle in golf? An eagle score is one under par on the 18-hole course. To earn an eagle, a player must score 69 or better. 

The first two holes at most golf courses are worth half a point each, so if you complete the 18 holes without taking a single stroke over par, you have earned an “eagle.”

History: Origins and meaning of eagle in golf

What is an Eagle in Golf

The eagle has been a part of golf for centuries. The first recorded instance of an eagle in a golf game was in 1894 between Archibald McNab and George Lyon. 

The eagle is still present in modern tournaments and is considered one of the most important symbols in all golf

The eagle is thought to represent Scotland, where the game originated. It also represents the nobility, strength, and power of the bird. 

Other reasons include its ability to soar high into the sky, its talons which are strong enough to pierce through flesh, and its speed which makes it a formidable foe on the course.

What are eagle and birdie in golf?

Eagle scores one under par, while birdie scores two under par. They are both critical in golf, as they are both needed to finish in a good position at the end of a round. 

Eagle and birdie are different because the eagle is one more than the birdie and is worth more points. 

For example, if someone has an eagle score of 63, they have made three-under-par shots, giving them a total score of 66. 

Adding one more shot gives them the 66th hole score and ties them with the player who had an eagle on the last hole for first place. Birdie, on the other hand, is worth two points. 

If someone has a birdie on the first hole and fails to make any other holes during the round, their final score would be 70 instead of 73.

How to achieve an eagle in golf: Tips and advice

What is an Eagle in Golf

Identifying a good golf club is essential, but other factors influence your ability to achieve an eagle. Here are some tips and advice on how to accomplish an eagle in golf: 

1. Make sure you have the right equipment. A quality club and good grip will help you hit the ball further and straighter. However, if you don’t have the proper swing mechanics, even the best clubs in the world won’t help you. Practice frequently with a qualified instructor or use one of many golf instruction software programs available online or in stores to improve your swing

2. Visualize what you’re trying to do when you’re putting it. Concentrate on making straight putts instead of trying to hole every shot – this will make it easier to visualize your stroke and make accurate putts with consistent speed and direction.

Today: What are the benefits of playing with an eagle?

Playing with an eagle can provide many benefits for both the bird and the person. Eagles are intelligent birds capable of complex communication. They have a strong sense of smell, which helps them locate prey. They are also strong flyers, so they can soar long distances and hunt in high altitudes. 

Playing with an eagle is a great way to learn about their natural behaviors and interests. It also provides a unique experience for both of you. Playing with an eagle is an excellent way to get started if you’re interested in bird-watching.

Is an eagle the highest in golf?

What is an Eagle in Golf

The Eagles are the best possible score in golf. Known as a “Superior Score,” an eagle is worth two under-par rounds. To achieve this score, a golfer must complete all 18 holes in one shot without making a single mistake. 

This elite scoring level has only been achieved by a select few and can be considered the ultimate achievement in the sport. 

Other high-scoring rounds include a double eagle, which requires shooting 2 under par on the front nine and 2 under par on the back nine, and a triple eagle, which requires shooting three under par on both the front and back nine. 

While achieving an eagle is challenging, it’s well worth it when you walk away with such a prestigious score.

How rare is an eagle in golf?

There are a few golfers who are known for their eagle putts. These players possess the uncanny ability to sink a ball into the cup from 50 or 60 yards away with pinpoint accuracy. But despite their prowess, eagles are pretty rare in golf. 

In fact, according to data compiled by Golf Digest, only 3.2 percent of all putts in golf are eagles. That means that, on average, an eagle is scored about once every 16 rounds of play.


In conclusion, an eagle is a great way to finish a round of golf. It is a rare feat to achieve and something to strive for. Golfers should try to shoot as close to an eagle as possible because it is a sign that they played their best game.

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