What is an embedded golf ball

What is an embedded golf ball? Embedded golf balls are golf balls that have been permanently embedded within a soft surface, such as a tee or green. 

These balls are typically used in practice rounds and tournaments where they are not retrievable. Embedded golf balls are gaining in popularity due to their ease of use and the lack of maintenance that is required.

What is an embedded golf ball and what are its benefits?

Embedded golf balls have a small metal core embedded in the ball’s plastic cover. This allows for a more consistent flight and increases distance. The metal core also creates more spin on the ball, making it easier to hit high-quality shots.

History of embedded golf balls

Embedded golf balls were first developed in the early 1900s. Prior to this, golfers used regular golf balls that were placed inside of a caddy. 

This allowed for a more consistent hit and helped keep the ball from bouncing around too much. embedded golf balls became popularized in the 1950s when they began appearing on professional tours. Today, these balls are still used by some top players.

Types of embedded golf balls: Normal, soft, hard, hybrid

Embedded golf balls come in three types: normal, soft, and hard. 

Normal embedded balls are the most common type. They have a harder cover than soft or hard balls and are designed to travel further and provide more accuracy. 

Soft embedded balls are made of a softer cover material that gives them less spin and is designed for players who want good distance without too much spin. 

Hard embedded balls are made of a harder cover material that provides more spin and is designed for players who want increased distance and control.


In conclusion, an embedded golf ball is a small, weightless ball used in place of a regular golf club. It has a small metal or plastic casing that holds the ball’s air and helps it to fly straighter. Embedded golf balls are becoming more popular because they allow for a more accurate shot. If you’re new to the game, an embedded ball is a great way to start learning.