What is the highest women’s golf handicap?

What is the highest women’s golf handicap? For those just starting, it’s essential to understand what handicaps are and how they apply to women playing golf. 

In this article, we will explore the topic of women’s golf handicaps better to understand the highest possible handicap for female golfers.

Women’s Golf Handicaps

What is the highest women's golf handicap

Women’s golf handicaps are an essential part of participating in the game. A golf handicap is a numerical measure of a golfer’s potential ability and reflects their performance relative to par. 

Handicaps allow players with different skill levels or experience to play together on equal terms and make the game more enjoyable for everyone involved.

The USGA (United States Golf Association) has set guidelines by which women’s golf handicaps are calculated, allowing all players to compete on an even playing field. 

Women’s handicaps consider skill level; several rounds played, course difficulty, and prior scores and ratings. 

The USGA website offers tools that track scores and provide precise calculations for women’s golf handicaps.

What is a Handicap?

What is the highest women's golf handicap

A handicap is a numerical measure of a golfer’s potential ability. It is used to level the playing field and make the game more competitive. Handicaps are established by golf associations and clubs, allowing players of different abilities to compete equitably. 

When calculating a handicap, factors such as the player’s score relative to par, course slope rating, and course difficulty are considered. 

The rules vary depending on each golf association or club that offers handicaps. Generally, golfers track their scores for a set period over multiple courses to establish an accurate handicap index. 

This index considers all recorded rounds from the past 12 months or 20 most recent games played within two years – whichever is fewer – to obtain the weighted average of all scores made during that period.

How Are Handicaps Determined?

What is the highest women's golf handicap

Golf handicaps are a great way to measure and compare the abilities of golfers. Handicaps allow golfers of different skill levels to compete against each other fairly, as it gives less-skilled players a “handicap” or cushion that can help even the playing field. But how exactly is a golf handicap determined? 

To calculate your golf handicap, you must record your scores from at least five 18-hole rounds. Once you have those scores, you can use an official USGA Handicap Index formula to convert them into a numerical value, which is used as your handicap. 

As you continue to play more rounds and submit your scores, this number can change over time and fluctuate based on the difficulty of the course.

Highest Women’s Golf Handicap

What is the highest women's golf handicap

A golf handicap is a score that reflects a golfer’s potential ability. It is used to determine the relative skill levels of golfers, and each player is assigned a handicap based on their scores in previous rounds. 

The highest women’s golf handicap differs from country to country, depending on the local regulations for the sport. 

In the United States, typically, 40 is considered to be the highest possible women’s golf handicap. This number reflects a maximum level of difficulty for players who are still learning how to play golf. 

It can also indicate that some additional instruction or practice may be necessary for them to progress their game further. 

The lower a player’s handicap number, the better they perform against other players with similar skill levels.

Advantages of Higher Handicaps

For some golfers, the ultimate goal is to reduce their handicap as much as possible. But there can be advantages to having a higher handicap too. 

A higher handicap can mean more flexibility in which courses you can play and the ability to participate in different tournaments. 

A golf handicap is essentially a number that reflects your level of skill and ability on the course

It’s calculated using a system that considers the difficulty of each course you have played and your score relative to par for each round. 

The lower your handicap is, the better golfer most standards consider you.

Disadvantages of Higher Handicaps

Golf players strive to improve their handicaps to become better golfers. While increasing your handicap may result in improved playing performance, some disadvantages come with higher handicaps.

First, golfers with higher handicaps must play from the back tees for all golf courses, which can be a challenge depending on the length of the course. 

Additionally, golfers with higher handicaps often play against lower-handicapped opponents, which can lead to frustration as they will have fewer strokes to work with when playing against these opponents. 

Furthermore, tournaments and competitions usually favor lower-handicapped players, who are more likely to win due to their increased skillset and ability level.


In conclusion, the highest number of women’s golf handicaps is 27. This means that the most talented female golfers can play a challenging course, similar to an 18-handicap player. 

It is important to note that all players, regardless of skill level and gender, should strive to improve their golf game to get the most out of their experience. 

Understanding the handicaps of different genders can also help set up fair and competitive games between players of varying skill levels.