What percentage of golfers are female?

What percentage of golfers are female? Although traditionally viewed as a male-dominated activity, the number of female golfers has increased significantly in recent years. 

This article aims to explore the question of what percentage of golfers are female and how this number has changed over time. 

The statistics presented will provide insight into the current status of women in the sport while also exploring potential causes for the changes in female participation.

Golf & Female Representation

What percentage of golfers are female

The game of golf has long been male-dominated, with few female players participating. The gender divide in the sport is changing, however, as more and more female golfers hit the links yearly.

Female golfers have made great strides over the years and continue to break down barriers by playing competitively nationally and internationally. 

Women’s participation in sports such as tennis and soccer has grown significantly over time; however, there is still much progress needed to achieve more excellent representation for female athletes within the game of golf.

Historical Perspective on Women in Golf

What percentage of golfers are female

For centuries, golf has been viewed as a male-dominated sport. Although women’s golf has increased drastically in the past three decades, females still make up only a tiny percentage of golfers worldwide. 

A historical perspective allows us to understand this trend and how it changes over time.

Historically, professional female golfers were allowed to participate in tournaments in the late 1960s. Women’s professional events were established only after that point, but those tournaments were few and far between until the 1990s, when interest began to peak. 

Thus, many girls growing up today have seen more examples of female athletes competing at a high level than generations before they ever did. 

Factors Contributing to Female Participation

What percentage of golfers are female

The factors contributing to this low percentage range from cultural stigmas surrounding women playing sports to a lack of access and resources dedicated to promoting female participation in the game. 

Women often face unique struggles, such as not having enough time or feeling uncomfortable joining a predominantly male environment when attending country clubs or tournaments. 

Additionally, there is still an unequal distribution between men’s and women’s prize money which can deter potential players from engaging in the sport for financial reasons.  

These obstacles have caused a noticeable gap between male and female participation rates throughout all levels of golf competition.

Professional Golf for Women

What percentage of golfers are female

Golf has long been regarded as a predominantly male-dominated sport, but the number of female golfers has risen over the past few years. According to research conducted by Professional Golf for Women, approximately 25 percent of all golfers are women

This statistic is encouraging news for those hoping to see equal representation in professional golf tournaments. Although it’s true that men still outnumber women at most amateur and professional events, female athletes are becoming more visible on the links. They are making a name for themselves in this historically male-dominated space. 

In addition to playing at a high level, many women have found success as coaches and trainers in golf.

Amateur Golf for Women

What percentage of golfers are female

Golf has traditionally been a predominantly male sport, but there is now an increasing number of female practitioners. 

Amateur golf for women is on the rise, and more and more women are taking up the game for leisure and competitive purposes. 


The percentage of female golfers has grown over the years but remains significantly lower than that of male golfers. 

While progress has been made in terms of participation and recognition within the sport, there is still a long way to go regarding gender parity. 

With the help of advocacy groups, organizers, media outlets, and other members of the golfing community, we can continue to make strides toward increasing the number of female golfers.

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