What shoes do women wear to golf

What shoes do women wear to golf? Golf is a game that people of all ages can enjoy, but for many women, it’s also a popular sport to play in comfortable shoes. 

What shoes do women wear to golf? There are a few options, but typically, they’ll choose something that provides good traction on the course while remaining comfortable.

Some women prefer shoes with spikes, while others prefer more traditional shoe options like tennis or basketball sneakers.

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What are the shoe women golfers wear?

Footwear has long been an integral part of golf, and for a good reason. It can make or break your game, and poor footwork will likely result in a lower score. 

That said, some women golfers prefer to wear different shoes than their male counterparts. 

1) Slippers are the most popular footwear choice for female golfers. They’re comfortable, lightweight, and provide good traction on grass or turf surfaces. They’re also easy to take on and off, so you can change shoes between shots without stopping play.

2) Wedges: Female golfers tend to favor wedges over other club types for several reasons. First, they provide more distance off the tee because of their higher loft ratings.

Types of shoe women golfers wear

There are three top golf shoes for women: open, closed, and hybrids. 

Open-toe shoes have a large open area on the front of the shoe, which makes them more comfortable to walk in and helps you feel more connected with your ball. 

Closed-toe shoes have a smaller open area and are designed to keep your foot more enclosed, which can give you a better sense of control on the course. 

Hybrids offer the best of both worlds; they have an open area on the front of the shoe and a closed area at the back. This allows you to have the best of both worlds regarding comfort and control.


In conclusion, there are many different shoes that women can wear to golf, depending on the terrain they will be playing on and their personal preferences. However, some general tips may help include choosing shoes that have good traction, offer a comfortable fit, and are easy to clean.

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