What to Keep in Your Golf Bag

If you’re new to golf, you might wonder what goes in your golf bag (other than clubs, of course). Here are the things you shouldn’t hit the course without.

Basic Things to Put in Your Golf Bag

Here are a few basics to keep in your bag:

9 Things to Keep in Your Golf Bag

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1. Extra Socks

If it’s wet, your shoes aren’t waterproof, or you hit a bad shot into the water, you’ll be glad you have an extra pair of socks. We’re big fans of the FootJoy ProDry socks.

2. Rain Gear

If rain is in the forecast (or you live in the south where it can rain even when it’s not in the forecast), keep a rain jacket in your golf bag and an XL golf umbrella in your car so you can easily put it in your bag before you tee off. We love the FootJoy Hydrolite jacket because it’s as light as a jacket gets and will keep you dry. Get it on FootJoy or Amazon.

3. Snacks

A round of golf can easily take 4 hours. You’ll need to keep your energy up and while the hot dogs from the snack bar are tasty, they won’t do you any favors. Check out our list of healthy snacks for the golf course for ideas!

4. A Towel or Two

Golf towels are a must to keep in your bag. Use them to wipe your ball, club, hands, or even shoes. These microfiber towels have a carabiner so you can attach it to your bag or clip it on your belt loop.

5. A Ball Marker and Divot Tool

While you can use just about anything as a ball marker (some people use quarters or dollar coins), there are few things handier than a ball marker with a magnetic clip. Made to attach to the bill of your hat or visor, you can also clip it to your pocket.

You can also get divot tools with a magnetic ball marker. This divot repair tool/ball marker combo is super lightweight and folds up to less than 3 inches long!

6. A Mini Sharpie

Keep a mini Sharpie or two in your bag to mark your balls. This is especially handy if you and your buddies play the same brand ball! While a full-size Sharpie will work, we like the mini ones because they take up less space and they have a metal attachment at the top so you can clip it inside one of the pockets in your bag.

7. Sunscreen and Lip Balm

Avoid the “golfer’s tan” by keeping a bottle of sport sunscreen in your bag. We’re partial to Coppertone Sport but you can use whatever works for you!

You should also carry a lip balm with SPF in your bag because lip sunburns are real (and painful). Good, old fashioned ChapStick is always a good choice.

8. A Water Bottle or Reusable Cup

You’ll want to stay hydrated and a reusable water bottle or cup is always good to have on hand. We’re big fans of Nalgene bottles because they’re unbelievably sturdy. If you like insulated water bottles or cups, HydroFlask, Yeti, and Tervis are all great options!

9. A Portable Battery Pack

We think a power pack is a must-have for anyone, but it comes in especially handy on the golf course! Be the hero with this power pack with a built-in flashlight.