Who buys golf balls?

Golf balls are essential for any golfer, no matter the skill level. With the range of golf balls available on the market, it cannot be easy to decide who is buying them. It can depend on age, skill level, or budget. 

This article will explore who buys golf balls and how they purchase them. It will also discuss what makes golfers choose specific brands and types over others.

Golf Ball Purchasers

Amateur Golfers

Who buys golf balls

Amateur golfers are the main purchasers of golf balls. Whether looking for a ProV1, a distance ball, or something to practice with, amateur golfers make up many of those buying new and used golf balls

Golfers shopping for new balls often look at the construction of the ball and its intended performance, while those shopping for used ones focus on price and quality.

Golf retailers offer various brands and models that fit different playing styles. The most popular manufacturers among amateur golfers include Titleist, Callaway, Bridgestone, Srixon, and TaylorMade

Each brand offers options ranging from tour-level performance to entry-level offerings; there is something available for every budget.

Professional Golfers

Who buys golf balls

Professional golfers buy golf balls regularly and other gear used in the game. Professional golfers must use top-of-the-line equipment to compete at their highest level. 

This means purchasing high-quality golf balls that withstand tough conditions and perform up to par. 

Professional golfers will often purchase several dozen or even hundreds of new balls at a time, depending on how often they play and how many tournaments they enter each year. 

As such, professional golfers emphasized finding the best ball for their game while also considering budget constraints.


Golf is a beloved sport by recreationists from all walks of life. For those serious about the game, having quality golf balls is essential to their performance on the course. 

Many casual recreational players will buy boxes of golf balls at local sporting goods stores or online retailers for use during leisurely rounds of the game

These types of players may not need high-tech performance models but still want to enjoy playing with top-quality equipment.

Corporate Buyers

The primary corporate buyer purchasing golf balls is companies that provide promotional items to customers or employees. 

They often buy them in bulk to be printed with their logo, slogan, or other custom designs. 

Golf clubs and driving ranges may also purchase large quantities of golf balls for their members and guests as needed. 

Companies that organize tournaments may also order significant amounts of personalized balls at once to give away as prizes. 

Corporate buyers are an essential part of the overall purchasing power within the industry regardless of why they’re buying it.

Children & Families

Children and families are two groups that make up a large portion of the market.

For children, parents may purchase golf balls to encourage their child’s interest in the game or as gifts

Young ones may use them at special driving ranges with smaller clubs and lower heights than adult courses. 

Golf balls can also make great teaching tools for parents hoping to teach their children proper form and technique. 

In addition, many families enjoy playing rounds of golf together during vacations or on weekends. 

Buying golf balls allows them to participate in this activity without renting equipment from the course each time they play.

Online Sellers

Online sellers are one of the most convenient options for buying golf balls as they offer competitive prices and deliver to your doorstep without hassle. 

Online stores usually have multiple brands available for different kinds of players, such as those who prefer distance-oriented balls or those that need extra spin. Furthermore, online sellers often offer discounts and other incentives to attract customers. 

Consumers should always check reviews before they buy from any online seller to ensure they get a good deal and receive quality products in time. 

Many online sellers also provide customer service if there are any issues with their orders or if customers have any queries about the product.

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